Zone activates manually but will not activate from Rachio app

We have an eleven zone system with a Rachio 3 controller. I can get all the zones to activate by manually operating them individually from the Rachio controller. However, two of the zones will not operate from the Rachio app on my iPhone. All the other zones activate by using the app. Any idea what troubleshooting I should try to correct the situation?

That sounds rather odd. When you turn on each of the zones from your phone, do the appropriate LEDs come on the rachio controller?

I did not check the LEDs at the controller when activating the zones from the phone so I will do that and let you know. Let me add some further “oddness” which I neglected to report previously. Our landscape person also has access to our controller on his phone. He can activate the zones which I can’t. I am guessing, but this would lead me to believe the problem may be with the app on the phone. Any further thoughts or comments?

Boy, not really. If you can get into the app, it should work. If you can run one zone, they all should work. I can’t really think of anything that would cause only a couple zones out of many to not work, but then work on a different phone.

When you try to run one of these zones, does the app show that it is running, or does it just spin like it’s trying to do something?

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I agree with @tmcgahey