Zone 4 stopped working

It worked fine for over a month. Today, zone 4 stopped working.

When I manually turn it on, the app on my android indicates it is on but it actually does not come on. After about 60 seconds or so, the app changes to off even though it ran about a minute of a 10 minute manual cycle (again, it never actually came on). When I do it in front of the iro, it flashes blue to indicate the iro has started the zone (it hasn’t actually) but in moments flashes red (or amber?) twice or so and then goes off. The other zones stay flashing blue and work fine.

I see nothing wrong with the wire but removed it and then replaced it to be sure. I have unplugged the iro for 30 seconds and restarted to no avail. I removed the faceplate and checked for bent pins, there are none.

Any ideas?

@louismastrangelo, sounds like you have a wiring short in Zone 4. A quick and easy test is to remove the front panel from the wall mount, run each zone, and see if the device stays online or goes offline at any time during the manual run. This will tell us if we have a wiring or connectivity issue. We can troubleshoot further from there.

Hope this helps. Let us know how the test goes.

Best, Emil

The iro display runs normally when i remove it from the wall mount. I get the blue light. I guess it must be the wiring. Any suggestions?

@louismastrangelo, very sorry! I drafted a reply but it never posted :frowning:

This sounds like a wiring issue…to be exact, I think it’s a bad solenoid. If you post a photo of your valve, I can help you find a replacement solenoid and get you up and running again ASAP!

Hope this helps.

Best, Emil

How in the world do you remove the front panel and run each zone??? If you remove the panel doesn’t that disconnect you from the cloud and therefore your phone app is not communicating with the IRO to start anything?

For all intents and most purposes, the front panel “is” the IRO. The power is plugged into the faceplate, the radio is in the faceplate, the lights and electronic switches and processor are all in the faceplate. The only thing in the bracket on the wall is the connector to each zone’s wires.

That said, the zones don’t actually run when the faceplate is off, but you can see by the lights that it is trying to send a signal to the solenoid, hence it turns blue as if it were successful.

Thanks! I’ll do that when I get home.

OK! Spoke too soon. Don’t know exactly what I did to fix my problem as my problem was posted elsewhere but similar issue. I could not get any of my stations to run manually. It had the same display like it was started but automatically shut off almost immediately and all the while none of the sprinkler heads actually popped up. The Wifi light does not change and the blue status light only flashes but does not stay on. I disconnected the face plate and ran each station as mentioned above and switched the two yellow power wire positions with each other from the rain sensor (because it was changed recently) and now everything is back to normal except I still don’t have my rain sensor light comes on. Could there be a short or something from my rain sensor be behind all this.

@louismastrangelo, keep me posted!

@knguyenmd, just curious – how long has this been occurring and/or when did you first notice it?

Any chance you could post a few photos for us? I think this could help us troubleshoot further and help anyone else experiencing the same issues.

Is the rain sensor registering in the app’s history feed at all? Have you attempted to test the rain sensor yet?