Zone 3 runs simultaneously when zone 1 is running

I’m not sure why this is happening but I’ll share as much info as I can :slight_smile:

I have previously used zones 1, 2 and 4 whilst I disabled zone 3 until I recently installed lawn. I’ve since enabled zone 3 but whenever zone 1 runs, water is coming out of zone 3.

This doesn’t happen every time - I’ve just tested zone 1 via quick run and zone 3 started too. However after running the other zones and testing zone 1 again, zone 3 didn’t open this time.

However if I quick start/schedule run just zone 3 , no water comes out of zone 1 (as expected) . I don’t think its a solenoid issue as zone 3 doesn’t unexpectedly start if the other zones start.

Rachio Gen 2 with latest firmware.

Fixed it after replacing the solenoid. Seems to have gotten a bit stuck as it wasnt actively used for over 12 months and back pressure from other zones causes it to remain open.