Zone 2 runs with all zones

whenever I run a schedule or run a zone independently zone 2 always comes on withe the zone being ran. after the zone finishes both zones stop when the next zone starts zone 2 comes on again.

Is this a recent thing that has been happening? Any work done on the system or digging since that time?

Do you happen to have a master valve or pump? If so, it sounds like zone 2’s valve may need cleaning.

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Yeah, sounds like a valve isn’t closing properly, which will affect your GPM and pressure on whatever zone you are wanting to run.

I’m not sure if I have a master, my rachio 3 is a new controller. I switched it from an older model Rainbird. thank you for your response. I’ll do some research to see if I have a master valve, and where it could be located. I have 6 zones. However, I did have an additional valve put in line to prevent water leaks. it has a white wire.

Do you know where the white wire goes to that additional valve to prevent water leaks? Is there more than one wire? Do you know where the wire(s) go? To me, that kind of sounds like it could be a master valve.

Do you happen to have wiring pictures of the old Rainbird and the new Rachio? Was zone 2 working with the Rainbird? Was it working for some period of time with the Rachio?

It goes to a valve in the irrigation box that next to my water meter, so i do have a master valve. Im not sure if zone 2 was working correctly with the rainbird or not. but I can hook it back up and test. i no longer have the pics of the rainbird hookup, but it was straight forward. I do have pics of the rachio connection.

It does sound like a master valve and I see the brown wire going to the “M” terminal. I believe that zone 2’s valve may have some dirt/sand/rock against the diaphragm that is preventing it from sealing. So, when any other zone goes on, the master valve opens, and zone 2 also comes on. I would suggest looking up how to clean the valve model online, it is usually pretty straightforward.

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To be sure that it’s not a controller problem, temporarily disconnect the zone 2 wire and test. If zone 2 still comes on, you can be reasonably certain that the solenoid or diaphragm needs cleaning.


Thank you for your help. It’s greatly appreciated. The problem seems to be fixed I appreciate you. First I cycled the manual valve that was in line before the master valve. Then I looked at the old rain bird and realized both white common wires were connected to the same terminal(Rachio 3 instructions said you can use either or both), I put both white wires in the same terminal now it works perfectly. Once again thx for your help. Saved me lots if money snd time.