Zero Water Saved

With the Flexible daily schedules water times are simple “pushed out” and not “skipped”. Since the watering day is not “skipped”, there is zero water recorded as saved. Theoretically a “push out” is the same as a “skip”. How am I supposed to show my friends what an awesome system I have when It always shows zero water saved? :slight_smile:

show them the graph and how it accounts for rain water, and pushes out waterings based off cool days, or knows when it’s hot and waters ahead of time, etc

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I agree @kpare- this is kind of lame! Like @Modawg2k mentioned, there are some other features you could show them, and there is nothing better than comparing water bills!

Either way- we could improve here. I will relay your feedback to our team :smile:

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I’ve been wondering why I haven’t saved any water. Although… My water bill from October 2017 (first full month with Rachio) vs. October 2016 (defective Rainbird Et Manager) shows dramatically less water use.

Look at your water bills. Your usage should be online. Use December, January and February as your winter average, which should reflect your typical indoor use. If you have an irrigation meter, it’s a no brainer. Rachio should delete the water saved feature. It simply makes no sense. Water savings based on what?

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