Year and month? Is this really how it works?

OK, I am really confused.

I want two seasons, Winter and Summer.

I want to run Winter every year, from October 1 to March 30 and then run Summer from April 1 to September 30.

But Rachio seems to think that I need to choose an end date or run it forever. How do I choose months???

We live in TX where summer is horrendous and winter is fine, so there are significantly different watering levels between the two.
This makes no sense whatsoever that every year I need to modify the schedule and if I forget to do it the system just stops watering.

Why is there not a “month” option the way that there is a day option? Then I could just set up the two schedules and never have to worry that the sprinkler is not going to run.

If you want to take the time to dial in your settings, you can run the Flex Daily schedule and it will run with little to no input from you year round (unless you overseed grass in the winter).

Otherwise, Flex monthly will have seasonal shifts, which works pretty well.

Fixed schedules, you are on your own to adjust.