Yard mapping for 8 zone?

I have zones that include not just one type of vegetation. For instance, in zone 1, I have grass AND a big flower bed. I would love it if I could sometimes water just the flower bed but I may have the wrong controller for this.
Any ideas?

You’d need to replumb the zone into 2 zones, or move the flower bed heads to another zone. No controller can split a zone. Best to just adjust the head flow to what you want (like turn down volume on grass heads, then run zone 1 longer or more often).

@tcat007 is right, but I wonder what type of heads you have. Are all the heads pop-up spray or rotors, or mix?

Thanks guys.

In the flower bed, they are the stand up kind…
In the grass, they pop up. Fixed.

Okay so if you want to water there grass area less you can just change the grass nozzles to something like rainbird R-VAN’s or hunter MP Rotators. By adding those in the grass area, the grass will get about 1/2 to 1/3 of the water the flower beds are getting.

An additional recommendation. Nozzles are cheap and east to replace, so consider changing the ones in the flower beds and in the grass so you know the correct distribution ratios. Depending on what nozzles are installed, you can be distributing wildly different amounts of water and there is no way to tell by simply looking at it. For example…

  • If you add R-VAN nozzles in the grass area and HE-VAN nozzles in the beds you will have approximately 1 / 2.5 ratio of water.
  • If you add R-VAN nozzles in the grass area and regular VAN nozzles in the beds you will have approximately 1 / 5 ratio of water.
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What I am going to do is eventually get an irrigation co out to maybe change up the zones a bit. Thank you for your replies. Sorry so late. I have been having fun with this sprinkler controller though!