"xyz" was scheduled to run, but device is currently offline

I’m not sure what happened, but my schedule got skipped this morning because of internet disruption. It’s brought to light a few questions:

  1. I assume the connection being lost prevented checking the weather to confirm the need to water. The notation is 45 minutes or so ahead of the scheduled watering. How many times does the unit attempt to check the weather before giving up and cancel the watering?

  2. Is the loss of connectivity logged? I’d love to know coughcomcastcough what happened, and for how long the disconnection lasted, so as to problem solve. Could well be my router. I’m certain it was not a long lived outage.

  3. I assume the skipped cycle is just put off for the next day, 24 hours later if weather allows?

Great questions. We rarely see this with flex, but since it is close to real time it can happen once in awhile.

Yes, roughly ~1 hour before the flex schedule runs we lookup weather data and compute whether or not it should run. We only try one time currently, but are rebuilding large parts of our system. One thing I want to do is starting 24 hours ahead of time, every hour check to see if it should run tomorrow (I would like to do the same thing with fixed schedules that have rain skip…), and continue to validate if it should run or skip right up till the time it is supposed to run. That is the future, for now we check once.

There are quite a few offline and reconnect events. I’ve PMed you date/times (MDT). Our support team [support@rachio.com] might have some tips/tricks on helping with offline events. This is as far as I can help.

Yes, since there were no recorded irrigation events, zone is still depleted, will water tomorrow.


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