Wrong flow report = wrong soil moisture?

We installed the Rachio 3 plus Flow Meter on the 22nd of August. Ever since the beginning having several issues.

  1. most concerning is that the flow meter does not report correctly. The city water pressure is 60 (or 65, I forget). From calculations, we should see around 15 gpm (20 gpm max). The max I have seen is about 8.5 gpm. The average reported is 2-4.5 gpm. If the amount of water is reported incorrectly, doesn’t this mean that the soil moisture will be calculated incorrectly?

  2. I have 2 schedules setup. A general yard one for 7 zones and 1 for the flowerbed. We have a 16 zones Rachio, 8 are turned off. The flowerbed schedule does not run as it should, for example it will show to run only after 10 days of no rain. I have to trigger it manually to prevent drying out.

  3. the Main schedule ran the other night even though it did not show that it’s scheduled. I only knew because I received an email with a high flow alert. Even more confusing is that the history also showed that it ran but the zones overview screendid not report the run on any of the zones plus the moisture did not show the result of the run, i.e. treated it as if it had not run.

  4. extreme fluctuations reported by the flow meter. Zones report widely changing numbers, from 1.1 to 8.5 gpm - we do not have such fluctuations. I can calibrate and it might show 1.5 gpm and instantly recalibrate and it will show 3.5 etc. The pressure build up fast, all zones well under a minute. Even though I have tried setting the high/low buffer for alerts high, I get flooded with alerts as the measurements fluctuate so much (next to be too low to start with).

I was really excited for the Rachio, but so far I am running into so many issues that I’m rather frustrated.

Is there any way to fix these issues?

Hey @mStudios!

So sorry for the delay. If you don’t mind, I’d like to have you reach out to our support team to talk through some of these concerns. You can reach our team at support@rachio.com

-Lo :rachio: