Wrong City

For whatever reason the city for my zip code is wrong. In fact the city is wrong for all 3 zipcodes of the correct city. It’s like it’s completely missing my city.

Any ideas on how to force the city to be correct? I had to manually select the weather station, which is fine, but the weather forecast is for the wrong city and is constantly off.

Any idea how to correct that and have the right city show up for the zipcode?


Have you tried updating the device location on your controller?

If yes and it didn’t work, we can help get the right city/zip code for you.


Yup! Tried that. Still shows the wrong city.

I don’t blame the device. We have a really jacked up zipcode system here.

80504 spans Frederick, longmont, Firestone, Dacono and part of Erie. From edge to edge it’s more than 80 miles and you’d be surprised how different the weather is here. Example today, Firestone got rain and hail, longmont got sunshine :slight_smile:

To complicate things further, 80520 is Firestone’s zipcode and doesn’t span any other cities. I tried both 80504 and 80520 and even 80641 and all show up as longmont.

Also changing the zip doesn’t change the forecast so I’m assuming it’s looking at just longmont.