Wrong City listed

I just installed my Rachio and input zip code 35803 which should put me in Hunstvill, AL. However the app lists me in Gurley, AL (35748). Not such a big deal but when I go to pick a weather station the map only shows ones local to that area. If I scroll over to where I actually am there are no weather stations listed even though I know there is one a few doors down from me (KALHUNTS68). I have show personal weather stations on but I don’t see anything in my area or Huntsville at all.

Is there an easy way to direct it to which weather station I want without using the map?

I would try going into ‘Device Settings’ tap on the device name and it will allow you to update your latitude/longitude. This is ultimately what determines the PWS that show up on your map, not city/zip code.

Let us know if that helps.