Would like to have Rachio calculate watering times

I bought a Rachio early in the season in 2014. As we know, since then there have been numerous improvements to the software. Now that it quit raining in Colorado, I finally need to go back to automatic watering. But, I’d love to input my nozzles, use all the new settings, and have Rachio determine watering times for each of my zones. (Last year the suggested times didn’t work out so I made all my own manual adjustments.)

Is there a way to ask Rachio to calculate new watering times without having to zero everything out and pretend I’ve got a new system?

Every time you create a new watering time we re-calculate zone durations. Unfortunately there is no way to re-generate zone durations for existing watering times.

On Monday we are releasing [flex schedules][1] which are watering times that change the watering frequency for each individual zone based on current weather for your area.

If you change zone characteristics (i.e. soil type, nozzle, etc.) the watering duration will be modified real-time on the flex schedule.

Hope this helps!

[1]: http://support.rachio.com/category/381-flex-schedules