Won't Turn Off Sprinklers

When I first plugged in the Rachio device it automatically turned on my sprinkler system. I went ahead and connected to the Wi-Fi and connected my app. When I go into the app, it doesn’t give me the option to turn of the sprinkler system. I even set a schedule for it to turn on for the current time and turn off, it still did not turn off the sprinkler system. How do I get the sprinkler system to be turned off?

In the apps main menu, try selecting “Device Settings” just to the below right of the “Online” window and turn Standby Mode “On”. If it works, I would consider this a temporary fix until someone more knowledgeable can get back to you as I’m a Rachio rookie.

Do you mean something like a ‘standby/sleep mode’?


Did you wire something wrong?

i know right? this sounds like we are accidentally shorting some current down to the solenoid.

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