Won’t water when moisture content is below 10% Gen3

I am having to water by hand to keep the grass alive! Even though Imhave the setting at “do not allow to go below 50%”, The zone will show moisture at 3% or 16%, but no watering is scheduled for days. How can I fix this?

That value is confusing. It’s actually 50% of the allowed depletion level. So it’s actually 3% of the 50% allowed. If you want the system to water more frequently increase the crop coefficient on each zone about 5%-15%. This is the easiest lever to tell the system your yard is burning water faster.

Here is some more information on adjusting the flex daily schedule.


Hopefully, rachio can find a better way to describe this than the words “Soil Moisture”.

Maybe could go back to the way it used to be and add more info:

Soil Moisture: 60% (Threshold 50%)

Or something similar.