Won’t let me select end before sunrise or specific time


Hi @mckynzee,

I have five lawn zones which this season I split into 4 schedules. I use flex monthly BTW. Last year I ran these all in one schedule, but when I did that, the frequency of when the schedule ran was dictated by the zone with the most sun exposure, of which it has a lot. This meant the shady zones were watered more frequently, albeit for shorter periods of time. I was also fighting mushrooms a lot.

This year I decided to try splitting them up except for two zones with similar sun exposure. This allows the controller to run each zone as frequently as needed for, I assume, the “correct” amount of time.

I run all of these schedules to “end by” 7AM and have had no incidents that I’m aware of where “stacking” (which does happen) has created any run problems.


@mckynzee, Hi, has there been any further discussion/developments on this issue? Tnx


Another vote to put multiple end by sunrise schedules back in, especially if they’re split by days. I have 15 zones of grass and a zone of flower beds. It takes over 12 hours to water them all so one flex daily schedule won’t work (I’d have to start watering around 5-6pm the day prior to be done by the following morning). My solution was to make 3 flex daily schedules: one set to water everyday as required for the flower beds, and two set for even/odd intervals splitting the grass zones up to reduce how much watering happens on any given day. They were all set to end before sunrise and this worked great for a year.

I had no idea this change had been made and recently I started messing with my schedules. My water company just put in some really restrictive rules (only two days a week year round) and I was testing scenarios to build an argument that flex daily is actually more conservative than what they want me to do. Now I can’t get my schedules back the way I had them. I understand I can do the math and set a manual start time to be done around sunrise but it won’t account for daily sunrise time shifting or daylight savings time. Having to do that manually twice a year takes away some of the set it and forget appeal of the controller which was a strong selling point for me.


@mckynzee, @franz - How come no update on this after 7mos?

Is it safe to assume it’s not going to be revisited? It’s easy to see that this feature removal detracts from product functionality, but hard to understand why you’d want to hurt more than you help. Can we at least get a decent explanation as to why one or two negative usage scenarios outweigh the majority of positive? Wouldn’t it be better to toss in an ‘if/then notify’ test? I’d rather the default outcome be to water past sunrise than to lose automation entirely (i.e. - notify user and if no intervention continue as scheduled… or add the option to cancel if no user response). I can’t imagine that would take more than a couple hours to add that code. :slight_smile:



I’d like to add my vote to have this turned back on. Would it be possible to have the calendar view show the planned schedule for the day, as you would see meeting times in outlook, so we could validate the schedule for the zones? As others have said, if I lump my whole yard into 1 schedule, it was over watering the shady zones due to the high temps and sun exposure in the dry zones.

I would really appreciate having these turned back on, thanks!


Are you using Flex Daily? With Flex Daily each zone within a schedule is watered per it’s own moisture level needs.