Wiring diagram for relay and pump

Can someone show me how you would wire relay for pump to the controller.

Also can I run two independent pumps with one timer? This may help clarify my question. Want to run certain zones with one pump and others with one down range.

@Duke, this support article details how you would wire a master valve (or pump start relay) to be shared between TWO controllers.

Sorry, the Rachio controller does not support this feature. You would need to install two different controllers to do this.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

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Thank you Emil. One last question. Can I control pump area zones and have one zone that is just reclaim and not turn the pump on when that zone is activated>>

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@Duke, I believe you’re requesting the ability to disable the pump for 1 zone? If so, we do not currently support this feature (the master valve/pump relay setting is a global setting); please note it’s in our back log to support this feature at the zone level but I do not know when/if the feature will be added.

Yes, exactly what I was asking. Thank you