Wiring and powering RainBird RC-1230

Hey Guys, really sorry to resurrect this old thread. But I just finalized on purchasing a Rachio 3 to replace my Rain Bird RC-1260bi. We just purchased a home, and that beast is the current controller.

While it works fine, I wanted something more up to date and something we can control using our phones and Alexa.

This thread has helped me a lot, but can you tell me what needs to be done for power? I believe my controller is hard wired (even though its inside in the garage). If that’s the case, how do I wire the Rachio? Also, the RC-1260bi has tons of wiring, but there should only be 7 wires coming from the conduit going into the controller, right? (6 zones + 1 common).


@DreamCatcher - please post a picture of the wiring and I’m sure that either @Gene or I will get it sorted out for you. Power for the Rachio comes from a normal wall outlet. Rachio provides a power adapter/transformer that will output 24 VAC power to a jack that will plug into the Rachio. If necessary, one can cut :open_mouth: the Rachio wire and splice in wire to extend that cord.