Wireless zone extension?

Is there such a thing as a wireless zone extension? Here’s why I ask…

We purchased a house last year with an existing irrigation system. The ‘primary’ controller has 5 zones which cover ~85% of the property. I installed an 8-zone Rachio controller there and I’m very happy with it! For reasons unknown, there is actually another, ‘inline’, single zone controller on another valve on the other side of the yard that is independent of the primary system. I have no idea why this wasn’t just set up as a 6th zone on the primary.

At any rate - I’d love to be able to replace that 2nd, (in-line) single zone controller with some sort of ‘wireless zone extension’ device that could connect back to another wireless receiver that would be physically wired into zone 6 of my Rachio controller. It would essentially just be a battery operated valve controller (like the existing single-zone controller) but it could be controlled just like another zone from my Rachio controller.

I’d LOVE something like this. Is there anything like it on the market?


I’d second that. I have a very similar need, where I have valves that I cannot wire (they are on the other side of the property, and pulling a new wire there will require demolition work that I am not willing to undertake). If there was a wireless way to control a specific valve, or valves, that would solve the challenge.