Wireless Relays

I was wondering if anyone out there has used wireless relays to control remote valves. On my property I had two irrigation controllers that are at opposite ends of the property. While it is technically possible to run really long irrigation wires to the zones that are not connected to the rachis, it involves a lot of headaches and some aesthetic issue with wires running up and down walls in order to go through the attic.

It would be great if there was a relay I could connect the output of the Iro to and then wirelessly send that to a companion module a few hundred feet away in order to control the valves. I already have a power supply on the receiving end at my existing irrigation controller, so the relay switch should be all I need I would think.

Has anyone used something like this?



I’d also love to hear more about this. I bet in 5-10 years there will be no hardware per-se, and we will just have relays controlled by a master control tablet in your house, connected to cloud software. I can dream can’t I? :wink:


The idea seems like a no-brainer as the technology already exists in the irrigation space – just isn’t used for valves.