Wireless Rain Sensors Now Supported!


Will this Rain Bird work with a Gen1 Rachio:

I ma looking into picking this up. Tired of tucking wires after a windy day or two.And if anyone knows where it can be had for cheaper… Although I can get free shipping from Amazon with prime.


Yes I’m using it and had it on my gen 1


Are the White and Black wires in SC port?




which one is the best?


@flyfishnski I can’t speak to people’s favorites, but for more information on what types we support, check out this support article!

McKynzee :rachio:


The Hunter Rain-Clik Wireless Rain Sensor only lists diagrams for Gen 1 and Gen 2. Will that be updated for Gen 3 since Gen 3 doesn’t have the same sensor connections? I’m not sure where to connect the wires from my sensor. It has 2 yellow power, one white, one blue, and one orange. The orange wasn’t connected with my old controller, so not worried about that one. I know the yellow will go to the 24v and the blue will go to S1, but where do I put the white one?



The team is updating that documentation for Gen 3. Thanks for bringing that to our attention.



I have the Toro rain sensor - your wiring diagram was a lifesaver - made it easy to hookup. One tiny suggestion would be to add a label of the color of each wire - for people who have bad color perception, or print it out on a black/white laser printer. Should only take a second…


I have recently begun working with Gen2 after the winter and with the newer iOS software I can’t find a status of the rain sensor… I used to get push notifications too when it was tripped. Sorry to be a dunce, but can anyone point to where this feature went?



If you navigate to the history feed you will see rain sensor activity there. We do still send push notifications if it is triggered. Very soon we will have a software release that exposes the rain sensor status on the app dashboard so it is extremely visible.