Wireless Rain Sensors Now Supported!


Any information on this yet for which models are supported for sure?


Hi @jeremyshultz, sadly no. The last reply I got from MeteoBridge was “no idea” – screen of email thread attached.

I’ll keep digging and try to get an answer for you.


I know this is a more basic question, but if the controller is receiving weather data past, present and future, from local PWS (within a quarter mile) how necessary is a rain sensor after all? I am installing our Gen2 controller this week, and am currently wondering if I should keep the old wireless sensor currently connected to the dumb box I have. On the one hand, more information may be better, but on the other, is it not possible these sources may conflict? Also, batteries die, sensors fail (often with these mini clicks), and sensor data is delayed with regard to “it’s not raining”.


If you already have it, I believe that the more data the better :wink:



So I have an irritrol wireless sensor. Does anyone have a picture of how this is connected to Gen2? The picture in the FAQ is for Gen1, and Gen 2 pic is unlabeled. I have two power leads, one ground, and one for what should be s1. I could try trial and error, but if anyone knows…



Last week I upgraded my Rachio to gen 2 and have had nothing but issues trying to get the irritrol wireless sensor to work. I had no issues at all with the gen 1. Here is how I have mine wired.

The green power light is on the irritrol; however, when I activate the sensor 1 in the Rachio App, this is what I get

I have to turn it off since the notification goes off every single minute. Any suggestions?


for me, very…i have a strong microclimate here where it will rain 1/4 inch but not be measured at any weather station around me.

even worse for florida residents.


I’ve read up on the irritrol and rachis sites. I can see the following:

the brown line is for normally closed sensor operations, and should be connected to S1
the white is the common lead, and should be combined with a red power lead and connected to SC
take another red and connect to SP.

That should be it. I’m gonna try tomorrow.


Up and running… connected as above. No flicker yet… currently active due to what can only be described as endless rain and no sun to dry nuthin for a week here in Philadelphia. So we’ll see.


yyYEP… Still raining. This kind of reminds me of the time I bought a snow blower before three snowless winters.


i hear ya, in ga, we never get snow, 2 seasons in a row we got snow, now i have useless sleds.


Great but seems that link is broken. I’m trying to figure out if I have my rainbird wr2 wireless rain sensor hooked up right. Anyway you can share proper wiring like on the gen1


I’ll get you a picture tonight


reds to SC and SP, Brown to S1 and White to SC.


Definitely want to do this as my Colorado Springs supplier gives a decent rebate on them, but the link in the original post isn’t working so I can’t see which are compatible. Can someone take a look? Thanks!


I am sad to report that the Irratrol wireless sensor I recently installed is not reporting correctly. It is dry, the receiver reports it is dry, but the sensor is still “active” according to my rachio. Installed wet, flicked once while I think drying, and now not correct. Advice?



Have a Rachio Gen 2 with a Rainbird WR2 rain sensor. Sensor has 4 wires - white, red, black and green. Where does each wire connect on the Gen 2 sensor ports terminals?


Mthat picture I post is that sensor


Thank you. I followed your photo. Worked perfectly.