Wireless flow meter signal problems

I recently installed a wireless flow meter underground and followed the instructions exactly. Before doing any digging I paired the meter and placed it inside an extra deep (30" deep) valve box adjacent to the install location. After 3 hours the signal was rated as “Good (0)” so I figured it was safe to start digging. Now the flow meter is installed and the signal is varying between “Poor (-9)” to “Poor (0)”. The install is about 18" deep and about 40 feet from the controller. It was barely able to calibrate because the signal kept dropping. And at one point it disconnected altogether. I then had to pop the batteries out to reset it! Definitely not happy that a power cycle is required to troubleshoot. Popping the batteries in and out is not the easiest with those little screws.

This is leaving me scratching my head and pretty frustrated. I called Rachio support and they had me point the led light at the controller. This helped a little, but not much. What now? Are there any other adjustments that can be made at a deeper technical level? If not, can the antenna be extended (ie Pringles can).

Any help would be appreciated!

@nick1 - I’d try the Pringles can or get four 90 degree elbows (with some riser pipe sections) to create a U and raise the flow meter closer to the ground surface.

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Flow meter just disconnected again. Second time in 24 hours. Not looking forward to popping out the batteries again.