Wireless flow meter purchase

I cannot find a place on the Rachio web site to purchase a Rachio Wireless Flow Meter. Is one still available?

My understanding is that they are not available through Rachio any longer, but other places may still have them. Here is another post that talks about it (I believe more exist):

I’m currently running one flow meter with a two controller system. Purchased a second flow meter for an excessive amount of money (ebay). After plumbing it in, we discovered the APP will not see it. Apparently everything Rachio has said about not supporting it is true. I feel bad about this $300 mistake. I do DIY with Arduino. I suppose if I could read the thing outside of the Rachio app, it would take away some of the pain.

Ouch, sorry

I bought flow sensors from AliExpress. They have three wire connections, which I simply connected to the gpio pins of an old Raspberry Pi running Node-Red.

It was used to count the pulses, and convert the pulses into Litres / Gallons per minute.

I am more using it to ensure that we only have watering when expected, ultimately it’s a warning system for a burst pipe.

Knowing the flow rate meant I could accurately set the nozzle inches per hour, which meant too that the Rachio could reasonably accurately calculate the water consumption

Use this formula
Nozzle in/hr = (Gallons / mins running / Area in sq. Ft) x 60

Nozzle cm/hr = ((Litres / mins running / Area in m2) X 60)/10

This is the flow sensor I bought and use


I might be able to help (can’t promise it!). Will you DM me the serial number of the controller you’re trying to pair the WFM to?

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Yes, I’ll do that today. Sorry I didn’t see your post earlier.

Serial Number VR0704265

Thanks for reaching out.