Wireless Flow meter install delayed after pairing

Due to parts availability, I was unable to complete my wireless flow meter install today although I did successfully pair the meter with the controller following the underground installation instructions. Do I need to unpair my wireless flow meter for the system to work properly until I can install it? I guess I will find out in a couple of hours…or I may just do a quick run of a zone and see what happens…yeah. Back soon with those results if no one answers the question quickly.

No need to unpair. Once installed you can run zone calibration for all your zones.

Please share install photos if you can, we love to see the flow meter installs in the wild!


@franz will this calculate zero flow for all zones though until the meter is actually sensing flow?

Be aware of brittle pvc…mine broke in 2 when installing the flow mte5e…on the other leg…oh well

Correct, if the flow meter is paired and the zone run does not return flow volume (derived and sent by the controller) than we will not report actual usage data until the zone is calibrated.