Wireless Flow Meter Distance From Controller

I understand that the Flow Meter needs to be no more than 300 feet away from the controller. However, does that distance require a clear unobstructed path between the meter and the controller? The reason I ask is that my controller is in my garage on the opposite side of my home from the valve box for a distance of about 100 feet. The issue is that the entirety of my home is in between point A and point B and I am concerned about the interference. Any advice would be appreciated before purchasing the meter. Thanks.

@Bgman In our tests, we have included obstructions as a part of the environment.

In my case, I was able to pair from a controller in my basement, through a neighbor’s house and another 100 feet to a park.

If wifi can reach through this space our long-range radio will do even better.


@timber - Good to know. Thanks.