Wired flow meter doesn’t work with upgrade

Very frustrating with the support as they have ghosted me and won’t tell me anything after a few attempts. I installed a wired flow meter on my gen2 system which worked until the upgrade. It has not worked since. I had my installer confirm my wiring is still good. I WAS quite the evangelist for rachio but have given up. Very disappointed…

Hi @Scottk22!

I’m so sorry to hear we’ve been silent! I’m going to touch base with our team and make sure you get a response by the end of the day.

So sorry about that!!

-Lo :rachio:

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@Scottk22 I work on wired flow meter support. Can you let me know what’s going on?

I’d like to know what kind of flow meter you have and what your seeing.

Toro tfs-100. It was working before the upgrade but nothing since. I have heard from your support team and I’m hoping I can get back to thinking this is a great product.

@Scottk22 Let’s get you back to enjoying the product.

I’ve got a couple more questions.

  1. Can you post a photo of your wiring on the Gen 2?
  2. Can you confirm that Sensor 1 or 2 is turned on (based on wiring) and that the Toro TFS-100 is selected.
  3. When you calibrate via the Flow sensor page or a zone, what happens?

I’ve tried both sensor wiring 1 and 2 and confirmed the selected toro sensor. The calibration gives me an oops can’t complete near the end of the minute.

@Scottk22 - check and see what firmware the Gen 2 is running. I think Rachio was pushing out updated firmware to controllers with flow sensors to fix an issue.

@DLane @Scottk22

Confirmed on latest firmware for Gen 2.


I have same issue, did you ever get resolution on yours?

Ended up getting a gen 3

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