Just got the usual email saying that my monthly watering schedule has been changed for the new month. Now watering every 10 days in February. Since the new year we have been absolutely deluged here in the Pacific Northwest. The usual pattern for this time of year. We couldn’t possibly need any extra water until at least April, possibly May.

What are you thinking? Or are you thinking?

Time to put the system into standby.

I am not talking about the system per se, I am talking about the email I just got. Do I have to put the system on standby just to stop getting a silly email? BTW, we just had the wettest January on record, with some rivers 3X their normal size.

I think you’re writing about Seasonal Shifts. Here’s more information on that including what schedule types don’t use it and how to disable it. I personally live with the emails (Auto filter to folder) but maybe you can unsubscribe and get notified only in app? I don’t know if that’s possible.

Sounds like you are on Flex Monthly. The email you saw is the general email sent out notifying you of the seasonal shift in watering. It will still run rain skips as normal.

Well, thank you! I thought this was the problem, but thought they just might want to do something about it. Perhaps I am just getting to be a grumpy old man, but I seem to have to deal with so much idiocy from these web pages. At one time I was in charge of a huge one, and was careful to make sure this kind of thing didn’t escape into the wild.

Now, if I could only get their full flex watering system to work here. Last summer it almost killed some of my plants. Doesn’t seem to have a starting saturation to work with.