Winterizing option

I think you add a winterizing option, so when your blowing out the lines you could run all zones and have a next button to move to the next zone. Instead of hitting stop switch changing zone and run again.


Hey @Tom4209!
Thank you for the feedback, this is a request we have received before and are definitely looking into!
McKynzee :rachio:

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I run each zone for 2 minutes. That gives me time to blow each out.


I agree with making the manual activation easier. It doesn’t really need to be oriented toward winterization, though. The first time I used the app, I expected to be able to turn on a zone from the cards in the Zone section or from an individual zone’s Zone Details screen with a single tap of a play button or something similar. Alternatively, you could alter the remote screen to show a list of zones up front so I could just tap a zone to start/stop it immediately without having to select it in the drop down and adjust the watering duration on the circular dial. That’s just too many taps to do something as simple as turning on specific zones while I’m just trying to evaluate the spray pattern, locate the heads to place markers before aeration, etc.

While I agree that option would be nice I think it would be smart to consider the fact that most people who blow out their own sprinklers need to re-charge the tank between zones so just opening one zone to the next wouldn’t be the best way to set it up. Maybe options for time delay between zones would be nice that way a zone opens for x amount of time, closes, lets the tank recharge and then the next opens. Just a thought.