I know there are a couple of more watering months here in N.E. but I was thinking about my fall to do list and I was wondering if you guys could weigh in on whether the Iro should be powered off (save the electrons) or just put in Sleep Mode for the winter. Is there any negatives to powering it off for several months? Loss of settings, backup battery drain (is there one?), etc.


@boettcht‌ I would probably just unplug the Iro. There is really no reason to have it plugged in. Maybe take it to a nice warm place for the winter :slight_smile: The great thing about a cloud architecture is that you will not lose any schedules, settings, etc. The other great thing is that while your Iro is sleeping all kinds of fun new features will be being built. When it is plugged back in it will be like having installing a new device :slight_smile: There is a small lithium battery only used for the real time clock (RTC). The battery is rechargeable so I wouldn’t worry about unplugging the Iro. Thanks and let us know if you have any more questions.

Good afternoon! Please check out these tips to winterize your Iro:

In short, before unplugging your Iro for the winter, we suggest the following steps depending on what version of the app you’re using:
1.6 - Disable all of your watering times and sett your device on “Sleep Mode”:
1.7 - Simply turn off your Iro:

I’m curious if you have thought of having a “winterization mode” that would turn all zones on at the same time. The tech that came out to my house today wanted to short the zones out to clear them but you can’t do that easily with the iro.

@flockacons‌ Definitely on our road map, we will be building out features to support winterization. Thanks for the feedback and let us know if you have any questions or more feedback! Thanks.

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This would be a great feature for people who run this sprinkler late in the season.

I also have a shutdown appointment Monday and need to be there to run the zones for the guy, because there’s no manual way to do so.

@uurf‌ If your technician has a smart phone you can use this feature:

They won’t even need to install the native mobile app, it is all browser based.

Hope that helps!