Winter Install

I recently picked up a Gen2/16zone Rachio controller. My irrigation system, however, has been winterized so I’m thinking I should just wait until the spring to actually do my install. Is there any reason to do it now? Is there a way to know if it works without testing since the water is turned off?

You risk burning out valve solenoids if the water is turned off and you activate valves. However, you can put the clock on the wall without wiring and play around with all the settings. I did that before i actually wired up the controller because I was initially skeptical.


Take advantage of warranty and make sure it works with your network from your planned placement location and also plays nicely with the online app. You’ll only be missing assurance that it will run your valves. You could even test the output to valves with a volt meter if you’re so inclined.

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Great point.