Windows Phone app.....?

Just looking in these remote sprinkler controllers.

Is there a Windows Phone app yet, lots of API updates to system, also Windows 10 coming to phone soon.

Or perhaps a desktop browser based system to control with.

Trying to get away from Apples trap world, and iOS is getting long in tooth.


@bricko No Windows phone app on the horizon, sorry about that.

We do have a webapp ( and are releasing a ‘built from the ground up’ release (2.0) in May for our iOS/Android/Webapps.

Thanks and let us know if you have any other questions.


Hi. I purchased the Rachio before the 2.0 release. I use a Windows phone. I was able to get around the blink setup by borrowing an iPhone. After that I was able to use the web app even if it was slower than a native app I was glad that my phone was supported indirectly. The only thing missing from the web app was rain delay support. Why does the web app not allow you to set a rain delay?

It became worse with the 2.0 web app. In addition to no rain delay support, the manual zone control interface which was working in the previous web app now does not work . A window comes up but does not respond to touch. This makes it particularly useless. I have to run in the house to the computer with the web app running to turn off and on a zone if I am doing sprinkler repair. Makes my smart sprinkler system seem not smart.

If we could get a rain delay with the Web app and fix the manual control the Windows phone could be used with the Rachio. Or even better yet a Windows 10 universal app would be nice.

We will be adding this to the webapp in the near future.

Can you tell us what browser is being used on the phone?