Wind trigger: per zone & programmable sample window

I’ve tried (and got working) the IFTTT wind trigger that’s recommended/available. Unfortunately, I just returned from a 4 week trip to find my lawn nice a brown from 2 weeks of skipped waterings due to wind during the single sample time. There were periods of low or no wind during the AM but these didn’t get sensed or applied as the trigger already occurred. (The “rain delay” information WAS in the scheduling report, so I could have manually inspected the PWS site, waited for a lull, and remotely watered, BUT I was on vacation and trying to disconnect from these kind of issues! :wink: )

  • I have 2 zones near a ridge-line that sees the most wind, and therefore wastes water when the wind is blowing >~5mph. 2 zones are tucked under some large trees and work fine with wind >~10mph.

  • My preferred watering time is 3AM, but anytime ~8PM-9AM would be fine.

What I believe the wind trigger needs to do to accommodate my needs:

  1. Be able to set a wind trigger per zone(s). ie. If wind >5mph delay Zone1/2
    • Zone 3/4 unaffected wind, or preferably, use another higher wind trigger.
  2. If wind is triggered, keep checking every ~30min within as user defined window provided: 3AM-9AM AND if that fails try again 8PM-next day (I guess).

I would think a lot of people have yards similar to this: ones that have a zone or two that’s more (or less) exposed to wind than the others, and could use this level of control.

Does anyone know how I could set this up? I don’t think it can be done with IFTTT as Rachio only appears to have daily enable/disable control. What’s needed is sub-day (hourly) control, and individual zone enable/disable.

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