Wind skip

Trying to understand if this is really working based on the weather. We have some crazy wind tonight over 20 mph. Just received notification that my water came on. Why wouldn’t it have skipped tonight?

What is your Wind Skip set to and what was the selected weather station reporting?.. I’ve always found that if the data is available, the unit operates as expected… most weather intelligence issues are due to problems with reporting by the selected weather station (or absence of data).

It is set at 20 mph. It isest the option where it looks at several different weather stations. We often get high winds where I live so I was interested to see if it skipped. I have only had it a week so we’ll give it more time.

My PWS is terrible at wind. Can‘t spin over 17mph it seems. So I‘ve got mine set lower to 15mph since I figure that is a very windy day for the PWS. Frankly I should lower it but then with summer north winds, the lawn would never get watered in the summer months. So that may be something else to consider — if your chosen PWS meets your observations and those of a nearby known highly likely good & well maintained station (such as NWS).