Wind Skip - Bad Idea, or Just Bad Name?

Ok, so I get the spirit behind the Wind Skip and I’m all for not having precious water just blown into the street or air. However, if it’s windy (unless it’s ALSO rainy and/or cooler) then plants/soil are going to dry out faster and need MORE water.

Might I humbly suggest the concept of “Wind Delay” - i.e., the same water gets delivered as it should, it just gets postponed to a more favorable time.

If this is how it works already, then well done…just at least change the name to be more descriptive and intuitive.

Best, J

P.S. - in the case of a prolonged delay into the next day, I’m pretty certain that any municipality with watering restrictions would cut some slack if it can be demonstrated that the same water was used, but to better effect

Nope. It is a skip. Depending on what type of schedule you have, will dictate when it will “resume”. Fixed schedule will pick back up on the next scheduled watering date, Flex Daily will more than likely run the following day, assuming no rain…

If you are utilizing a Flex Daily Schedule, then Rachio will most likely water the next day after a Wind Skip, as the soil moisture will continue to drop.

If you use flex daily which is what I believe everyone should try and use for most zones…. Then it really is just a delay to when it’s now windy.

I don’t have my drip zones set to wind skip. I do the rest of my system. It works great for me. Waits to water till the next day.

Flex daily isn’t reasonable if you live in an area with restrictions. I am allowed to water the lawn on two specific days a week or risk getting fined.

I agree, I have a problem in that I miss watering in the morning and have to come back to water manually in the late afternoon. My municipality doesn’t give any slack – if you water on a different day, you get fined.

First off don’t get me started on the stupidity of thing water restrictions to only water on certain days and for everyone to water in the same two days.

Second you can still use flex daily, you just set it to only be able to water on those two days. I’ve always restricted it from water the night/morning the yard gets mowed…. It won’t be quite as effective as if it can water any day but it will still be effective.

I’d also call your council man and have a discussion with him about limiting times to water each week to twice rather than specific days and to exempt smart controllers even….