Will one rachio work for me?

i have two separate irrigation controllers (total of 15 zones, one with 9, other with 6). can i combine them into a single Rachio 16 zone controller?

you should be able to, i can’t think of a reason why you wouldn’t, are your current controllers right next to eachother?

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Yes, they are. Just didn’t know if there was some reason why they were set up as two separate controllers and if that might affect he ability to combine into one

I’m not a professional and didn’t install my own, but I can’t think of a reason why you couldn’t. Maybe the installer of your yard didn’t have a controller that could handle 15 zones?


@Ajcs113 My first guess would be you should be fine with a 16 zone, if you are worried I would post pictures of your current wiring on both controllers and we can tell for certain!

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A lot of sprinkler installer go the cheep way and install small controllers to save mine but in the end it more of a pain in the butt for the customer also I have ran in people that install there own and they do it I don’t know of Home Depot tell them to do it this way or people are cheep

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