Will it water?

My schedule (I went with the default settings, to start at 4 am) states that the next watering schedule will be on Sunday, May 1. Yet it’s been raining the last few days and according to the weather station near me, we’re expecting rain the rest of the week.

Newbie question: I assume Rachio is smart enough to know that it’s not going to water tomorrow morning at 4 am, right? Or should I pause the system just to be on the safe side?

@weictay Here is an article to explain how the rain skip feature works. You can adjust the threshold up/down to suit your needs.

If you have chosen a reliable weather station in your area, and we do meet the precipitation threshold chosen the schedule will be skipped.

There will also be an event in the event history tab showing the decision the controller made prior to running the schedule.


Where I live we are expecting rain today and tonight so here is the message I received 1 hour before it was supposed to water.

This morning it was saying that the next scheduled watering time was 2PM today. It didn’t happen. If you are still nervous about it working right disable all you schedules for tomorrow except the one that waters the least and see what it does.

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Eventually we want to provide these notifications up to one or more days in advance :wink:


@franz - Thanks for the link to the rain skip feature! It took a while to figure out where it was (several layers deep down in the option) but i found it.

That would be great, if we can get a notification at least 24 hours in advance instead of an hour. :slight_smile:

Hoping to change that in our next release. Agreed, too buried at the moment.