Will flow detection and alerts still work with wired flow sensor

will flow detection and alerts still work with wired flow sensor

That’s great news, what model of wired flow sensor have you tested? Was the calibration process similar to the wireless sensor?

Gene i think you miss read my post, my question is, will wired flow sensors still be able to alert consumers when the flow is outside the predetermined flow parameters set in the flow settings thank you

You are right, no idea why I missed “will” at the beginning. I misread your question as a statement.

When you add one of the compatible wired flow meters, even on Gen 2, A popup asking you to calibrate comes up:

The wording of this pop-up makes me think that leak detection (and thus alerts) would be available after the calibration is complete. Calibration appears to follow the same process as the wireless meters, though I do not have any installation that uses a wired flow meters, thus I cannot confirm that it works as expected.

My wired meter works very well with calibration and alerts.

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ScottK22 - what brand of flow meter did you install? How difficult was the installation?

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