Will an Iro 2 Unit be coming out? and hookup questions

Hey so I see you guys are about to release 2.0 of your web application.(wish i could be in the testing phase of the proj…another IT PM here…think i read somewhere you guys are using agile/trello) Was wondering if there was any hardware improvements coming as well. Such as a touch screen or buttons on the Iro, although I know they are not needed because everything can be done on the webapp.

I’m only asking because i’m debating if i should pull the trigger on the Iro now or wait for a new hardware version 2 if it is in the mix. (also waiting on some sort of sale which I feel is never going to happen haha)

Also I have a pump(comm wire/MV input) and master valve(MV input) on my current 7 zone set up. Figure if it works on a rainbird controller shouldn’t have problem with the iro right? Will this hook up fine with the iro? Guessing multiple wires would have to go to the same comm port?
To add to this I have to combine 2 zones to one because the pump trips for one zone because there are only spray heads. This can be one on the iro aswell right?

Last…Is the iro capable of detecting flow or gps output at all? (Guess given there are sensors out there for it)

@vv132, feedback on your questions below:

Sure are! Once you have an Iro, please keep an eye out here for notices for beta testers :wink:

Not at this time, but we’re always looking for feedback on improvements we could make to the Iro. Perhaps you could PM me your recommendations and/or requirements? We might be able to think of some workarounds.

Yep, sure will!

Maybe. It’s hard to see without having a photo of your wiring to review. Perhaps you could post one here for others to see and learn from?

Could you provide more details about the 2 zones and why they have to be connected? The Iro’s pump valve runs for all zones – it cannot by deactivated on a zone by zone basis.

No, sorry, the Iro doesn’t track flow or GPS. Sorry.

Hope this helps, let me know if you have any other questions we can help answer.

Best, Emil