WiFi Password required?

We live far away from anyone else and frequently have house guests. For that reason the WiFi in our home does not have any password protection. When I try to Blink Up my unit I cannot get past the WiFi Password screen. It will not allow me to not have a password. How can I tell the program my WiFi does not have any password so I can complete my installation?


Thanks for reaching out to us. Would you be willing to email us at support@rachio.com? We can provide some suggestions for you there.

Thanks again Dave.


No matter where you live I would still recommend a wifi password. Not having one is akin to leaving your doors unlocked and windows open when you go out.

I have two questions about this topic. 1. I have a shopping center that has open WiFi throughout the property. Is there a way to connect the Iro to this? 2. In my area we have optimum (cable company) WiFi which allows you to put in your email user name and password to connect to their WiFi hot spots. Is there a way to connect the Iro to this?

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For gods sake do not leave your doors unlocked and your windows open! I threw away my Rachio unit and went back to my 15 year old unit where that treat me as an adult and let me make my own decision about security.

Question 1 is in regards to an 80+ acre shopping center with open WiFi thought the property. I don’t know if I need to worry about security problems with someone hacking the Iro’s themselves.