Wifi Network question


Here’s my question, I have my Rachio 2nd generation installed in my home in Florida and had a power outage (was not home ) and power was restored and my friend reset my router.
My Rachio app says it’s off line/ My friend reset the controller and got the lights blinking as the directions state.
I am not home I am in New york now, must I be on the same network to get my app working properly now? If so any work around if I am not going to be back to Florida for a while?
Thanks in advance.


@heshie75v - for both resets (router and Rachio) was that just pulling the power plug and then reinserting or were the credentials/configuration changed (i.e. WiFi or Factory reset on the Rachio). And are all four lights on the Rachio solid now, or is one blinking? Can your friend connect to other sites on the internet using the WiFi in your Florida home?


No credentials of config. changed. One light o the Rachio is still blinking. The internet in the home is working


@heshie75v - which light is blinking as that will give a clue as to what issue the Rachio is having. If there are not four solid lights (on a Gen 2) then that is why the device is listed as off-line in the app. Once all four lights are solid, it should appear on-line in the app on your phone in New York.


Light second up from bottom was blinking when I left. This was after the entire ring lit up



Any chance you can have your friend try a WiFi reset?


Yes, he is going to try again…Just to clarify, this was an extended power outage to my router. No credentials or ID’s or passwords have been changed!
Will a reset help my Rachio get back online?


@heshie75v - A blinking light two means that the Racho can’t connect to the WiFi network:

Is the WiFi network signal strong there (based on your friend’s phone seeing the network)?


Same router, nothing has changed, except for the original power outage causing the problem.
Power restored to router.


finally had time to send someone over to my home and definitely reset the router properly.
Network can be see on the phone and other devices also now working properly.
My question now is, can we re establish contact with the network on my app even though I am NOT on the same network as my rachio, since I am not at my home in Florida?


@heshie75v - are all four lights on the Rachio solid? The Rachio should connect with the cloud and your phone will talk to the Rachio cloud to communicate with your controller.


No, just the bottom two.


@heshie75v - if the bottom two lights are solid and the third light is flashing then the Rachio is connected to the WiFi, but can’t get out to the Rachio cloud.


What is the problem & how can I correct it , if possible