WiFi Madness - new network

My cable modem got the heebee jeebies. For some reason, I couldn’t get into the setup menus. I could login, but the menu doesn’t show up. So, a factory reset seemed in order. Which reverted my WiFi setup to the factory defaults. And still wouldn’t let me into the control panel.

Of course, now our Gen 2 Rachio controller is no longer visible.

And I can’t quite figure out how to regain control over the Gen 2. I’m concerned I could lose the schedules and other info in it.

Any suggestions?


I am quite sure the zone and schedule settings are stored in the Rachio servers “the cloud”, so I wouldn’t worry about losing those. If you have modified network names and passwords on your local Wifi system, you will need to restore them to what they were, and then your Rachio controller should be able to connect to the Wifi again. If you are using new Wifi settings, you would need to redo the blinkup process using new settings to allow it to access your new Wifi settings.



Like @jkb mentioned you won’t lose any schedules or data if the controller has not been deleted from your account.

Here are the instructions for updating WiFi for gen 2.

If you have any issues or questions Rachio support can get you back online.


Hope this helps.