Wifi Light

This is my second day with my new IRO. I noticed this morning that the wifi light was not on. I unplugged it and then plugged it back in and it started blinking green. Is this light suppose to blink all the time? I did have notifications that the watering took place last night at 23:55 like it was suppose to.


The WiFi light will flash for one hour after a power cycle. After one hour, it stops flashing.

This is just used for feedback when pairing the device. When it is flashing, the device can be paired, or paired again (updating your WiFi network).

So, all is good :wink:


I sure like the quick responses to tech support questions here. Iā€™m sure I made the right choice by purchasing this controller, not to mention that my City is going to reimburse me the total amount of the controller.

Thanks guys.


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