Wifi light blinking amber then red during blink up

I am setting up my new 8 zone iro but the wifi light never stops blinking during the blink up. When I plug it in it flashes amber for about 4 seconds and then red. It never stops at all. Wifi signal is strong and garage is pitch black during setup. Any ideas?


I had this same problem until I turned up the screen brightness up on my phone to as bright as it would go. Then it linked up no problem.

Seems like this is something that would be mentioned in the instructions. I keep my screen turned down to about 50% brightness to save on battery life. I think probably lots of other people do the same thing.

Please let everyone know if this worked.

But did your wifi light go off during the blinking? That seems to be the problem with mine. Let me try at full brightness again.

What happened?

The light on mine went off after it successfully “blinked up.” Before that it kept blinking amber/red.

If all else fails, you might try power-cyling your Rachio - pull the power cord out, wait 10-15 seconds, plug it back, then wait a few minutes for it to boot up.

Tried it at full brightness and no luck. The wifi repeater is 15 ft from the iro so I don’t believe signal strength is the problem. I’ll try bringing it inside tomorrow. Maybe try another device. Thanks for the replies!

Hope you get it working. They are a fun little toy. Just got mine today from Home Depot.

No doubt you’ve already thought of this, but you might double-check your WiFi password.

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@Juanerdz‌ give use a shout at support@rach.io and we can help you troubleshoot. That way we can get your serial number.