Wifi Issue / Changing Users

Good Afternoon,
I have a few questions. I work for one of your distributors here in Colorado. We have had a few questions from our contractors.

From your general FAQ
Is there a built in backup schedule?
There is. Anytime your controller goes offline it will continue to use the last updated schedule. We’ll immediately notify you and walk you
through any steps required to restore its connectivity.

So the" last updated schedule" , say it rained and the unit was told not to water or water less. Then loses WiFi connection. Does it revert back to its normal schedule? Or since it was told not to water/water less will it just continue that schedule?

In the event that someone sells their property, To reprogram the unit to the new user. Do they just need to go through the Blink up process again? Or its there a certain process you need to do to reset the unit?

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The unit will run schedules as normal if off WiFi. If the schedule was skipped the day before because of rain, it will still run any programmed schedules.

I recommend the homeowner delete the device through the mobile app (if they forget, we can delete the device for them, since new owner will not be able to add a device that is already registered)

The new owner would create a new Rachio account and perform the Blink up process again to connect the device to their WiFi router.

Thanks for being a customer.

Just let us know if you have any feedback or questions or want to talk to someone from our pro channel that works with distributors and contractors.