Wifi dropping when stopping a zone on series 2 controller

I have a series 1 controller and after the new software change that just recently occurred, when I go and stop a zone from running, it causes my controller to drop the Wi-Fi signal and requires me to cycle power on the controller… happens every time!!
Is there a patch that I need to have loaded onto my controller? How do we resolve this issue!!

I am seeing the same behavior. Just started happening.

Hello @tinsley_1 & @sabolcik!

Sorry to hear about the trouble your experiencing with your Gen 1 controllers! This is a new one we haven’t heard of before, and I’d like to give our Support team the opportunity to troubleshoot and investigate.

Please contact our Support team directly and they’d be happy to find a resolution for you. My suggestion would be to open a Support ticket directly through the app by opening it up and clicking the (?) button in the upper right-hand corner, though alternatively you can always contact Support via our Help Center.

In the meantime, I’ll be keeping an eye out for any further reports of this issue.

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I tried to open a ticket for this in the app… I get all the info filled out and the. Hit submit and I get an error message… as someone that monitors the message boards/forums, can you submit a ticket on our behalf?

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@tinsley_1 I’m sorry to hear that, have you checked the App Store to ensure that you have the latest version of the app?

One of the reasons we encourage submitting tickets directly via the In-App Help Center is that we’re able to collect log information.

Are you still experiencing the issue with your Wi-Fi dropping? A recent firmware update may have resolved this issue.

That being said, if downloading the latest update does not resolve the issue we would request the opportunity to troubleshoot. Please contact our Support Line at 1-844-4RACHIO.

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I think this is the problem I’ve run into as well.

I just purchased my Rachio series 1 from a friend, who never installed it. I wired it up, installed the app, connected to WiFi, and successfully set up the first zone. Easy! However, once the zone stopped, I was unable to get the next zone to start. I found that no zones work, even the one that had already been set up successfully.

I checked all my wiring, all looks correct. I power cycled (pulled power cord, counted to 10, plugged back in), and was able to set up a new zone. But just one. As soon as it stopped, I was unable to activate or set up any more zones. I was able to set up all the zones successfully, but only after power cycling in between each one. That confirms that the wiring is correct, but doesn’t give me a working system.

The app acts as if it’s working, but the Rachio controller doesn’t, in that the blue “status” light does not come on, as it does when I am able to active a zone after a power cycle. I think the problem could be the WiFi dropping, but I don’t know. I would think the app would detect if the controller has dropped off WiFi, but dunno.

I submitted a ticket, and hoping to get some answers. Would love to use this system, but not a great start.


I’ll have the engineering team review your account. It could very well be a zone fault (bad solenoid) which is not detectable in our Generation 1 product, only Generation 2/3.