WIFI Auto-connect after outage

I discovered my personal oversight after rebooting my wifi, I didn’t think about the sprinkler. Turns out Iro does not automatically reconnect after an outage, at least mine did not. Next morning was a scheduled water date, but system wasn’t running. a glance at my phone told me system offline. a quick power power cycle fixed the job.

Is it possible to update to allow automatic reconnection?

@brm51‌ The Iro should reconnect. If you don’t mind, would you send us an email at support@rach.io with your serial number (found in Iro Settings) and the make and model of your router?

You can reference this thread if you like.

My log shows a wifi reconnect every day, 24 hours and 25 minutes apart. Is this programmed to disconnect from wifi and reconnect on a daily basis? The cadence seems curious.

im having similar issues.

  1. i find that if the wifi restarts the rachio doesnt reconnect (on both my personal one and my clients)
  2. im finding that one of my clients also disconnects every 24 hours around the same time.

Hey @motech-

The device should try to reconnect itself after falling offline. Are you using gen 1 controllers or gen 2? Any chance that the 24 disconnect is happening when a schedule starts? This could be caused by a zone fault…

McKynzee :rachio: