Wifi and ethernet

I know rachio does not support ethernet, and that’s almost a deal breaker for me. There are no similar controller with ethernet, so here we are…

The wifi reception is pretty bad where the previous controller is located, but I have no problem pulling an ethernet cable there. I would like to avoid putting up, and weatherizing an access point just for the rachio and Oscar the Grouch. I have no need for wifi out there, except for the rachio (Oscar har not complained).

Has anyone tried small wifi dongles that I could fit inside the box of the rachio? Is there any way to hack an ethernet port into the controller? What about external antennas for the rachio?

Any other suggestions?

Please include an ethernet option in future updates. I can’t stand things that are permanently mounted and using wireless.

@haavar - sounds like the controller is mounted outside. I might try using ethernet over powerline device that has a WiFi, such as -> http://www.netgear.com/home/products/networking/powerline/XWNB5201.aspx

If necessary the Rachio and Netgear could be placed in a slightly larger outdoor enclosure to provide weather protection.

I’m sure Oscar will appreciate it too.