WI Plus Zero Precipitation Recorded

Hi Franz,
I’m also experiencing the same issue with my new G3 (28D134). I tried to explain this to rachio customer tech support and they asked me to contact AerisWeather Support.
i haven’t been able to take advantage of the upgraded features of the G3 and need to keep monitoring the soil moisture levels to make sure it doesn’t unnecessarily run.
I have zeros with WI Plus using weather network and weather stations, but the closest PWS shows precipitation on their logs (July 10th).
I’m a bit disappointed with this solution… any help would be greatly appreciated…

Have you chosen a PWS? My personal recommendation is that a PWS will always be more accurate than the interpolated precip data. It’s a tradeoff since interpolated data can account for stations that are offline.

If you have chosen a PWS and its not being recorded accurately I can work with our weather providers.