WI+ not accurate?

Got and installed the 3 last week. I have noticed that the information from WI+ hasn’t really been accurate for days in the future. For example, it currently shows rain for today and the next 2 days while 3 different sites and apps I use for weather show no rain today, rain tomorrow and no rain on the day after tomorrow. Anyone else notice some inconsistencies with WI+ compared to other weather apps and sites?

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I had the team review your account and I wouldn’t pay too much attention to the icon which can be a little misleading. For your area there is a prediction of ‘Mostly Cloudy with Scattered Storms’ which will trigger that icon. The predicted precipitation actually looks very low (almost insignificant).

Hope this helps.


Perhaps the icon for rain should only be shown if rainfall forecasted amount is only over a certain amount? I agree that it sometimes gives me pause when I see days on end of rain icons only to carefully look and see forecasted totals of 0.00-0.05 (ie. trace) amounts each of the days. I agree that there likely is no one good answer but to me a sprinkler system’s app weather icons should indicate meaningful weather for my lawn.

We are going to re-evaluate what type of weather should show a rain icon. Feels like isolated showers shouldnt necessarily display that.



Sounds good. I would also request that you provide more detailed information when clicking on a specific day. For example, hourly forecats similar to what we get from Hourly Weather Pro app or other similar in-depth info.