WI+ Forecast Temps are WAY off?

My app shows forecasted temps 20 degrees hotter than the actual forecast for my area:

Versus Weather Underground and Dark Sky forecasts:

Why does Rachio think it is going to be so hot here?

You do have the location of the Rachio set correctly, right?

I’m a lowly G1 owner, so I don’t know the ins and outs of WI+, but understand that it “averages” out among a number of local PWS’s, right @laura.bauman?

Oh wow that’s a big difference! I would agree with @tmcgahey - definitely check that the location is set correctly first. WI+ should average everything out but I’m going to default to @franz in case there’s something weird with how the station is reporting!

The location pin is right on top of my house. I even tried changing the address and then back to the right address and I still get the super-hot forecast.

There is a chance that one of your PWS’s in the area is severely mis-calibrated and throwing things off. I think @franz can see this information on the back end.

I’ve been having a bunch of issues with Weather+ in the area so I’m guessing that is it. It also missed two .3"+ rain events and watered because of it.

Pinging @franz again so he can take a deeper look for you!

It seems to look good now?



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Huh, it is better now. Did it just fix itself?

Maybe a weather network hiccup…


My temps are way off again:


I really appreciate all the quick responses but the reliability of the weather data is getting pretty discouraging. WI+ was the primary reason I upgraded from a G2 to a G3 controller and so far this spring it seems to have weekly issues with reliability.

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AND it is fixed again after I go and change off WI+ and back on to it.

Our forecast model is the same for G2 andG3. I’ll have the team review to see if they can determine if there is an issue with our weather provider and the forecasting data being displayed for you.


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Thanks @franz! Doesn’t g3 use a different model with the Weather Intelligence Plus feature?

It uses different services for observed precipitation (more PWS stations as well as interpolation) but forecasted weather is the same source.


The engineering team increased logging in case you see this again. If you please let the team know if you see this discrepancy again they should have much more data to audit.


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I see the same issue with weather. right now it shows 39% chance of rain today. Weather.com, Weather Underground and others have it a less than 20%. looking at the 10 day forecast (zip is 71913, it’s way off on the forecast rain chances, over estimating by 100% every day.